Variety of printing products
for gravure and flexo
Katana® doctor blade series cover a wide range from top quality ceramic-coated doctor blades to the standard uncoated models for web printing and coating in every gravure/flexo application. Fuji Shoko also has a variety of items that meets flexible packaging production needs, such as print press peripheral items, converting knives and etc.
Plastic Doctor® Blade
Plastic doctor blade series are stable with organic solvent, oils, greases and acid/weak alkaline solutions. Material options are available among PET, HDPE and POM with different level of hardness and heat resistance.
Hi-PET Series
Material Polyester
Thickness min. 0.35mm/0.014″
max. 1.0mm/0.04″
Width Up to 60mm/2.36″
Melting point 263℃ / 505℉
Heat resistance* 150℃ / 302℉
Hi-PE Series
Material High density polyethylene
Thickness min. 1.0mm/0.04″
max. 2.0mm/0.08″
Width Up to 60mm/2.36″
Melting point 132℃ / 270℉
Heat resistance* 120℃ / 248℉
Hi-POM Series
Material Polyoximethylene (Acetal)
Thickness min. 0.8mm/0.003″
max. 1.25mm/0.05″
Width Up to 60mm/2.36″
Melting point 166℃ / 331℉
Heat resistance* 140℃ / 284℉
*Heat resistance above is the estimated maximum temperature that can allow the stable use of each model.
Material hardness
Blade edge shape
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